Some projects completed:-

Some projects completed during employment with Contractors (prior to 2007):-

  • Houghton St Giles WTW (£4.5M) - Brand new water treatment works including site clearance, new concrete roads, security, control building, process tanks, pipework, cable installation
  • Newmarket STW RNC (£700k) - Refurbishment and improvements at the sewage treatment works to improve the final effluent quality.  Works consist of aeration tank refurbishment, new mechanical screening, flow measurement, RC flow splitter chamber, process pipework modifications, panel installation and cabling
  • Thetford STW Extension (£4.5M) - Construction of new RC inlet works, new screening & grit removal, RC primary tanks, RC humus tanks, storm tank, RC storm PS, RC Humus return PS, sludge treatment centre with sludge storage tanks and general site process pipework and cabling
  • Refurbishment of Welton reservoir - installation of new floor, new access hatches and covers, pipework modifications, new steelwork and commissioning
  • Walton on the Naze STW extension (£2.4 Million) - Installation of new concrete access road, new return pumping station and pumping main, new filter bed with associated ducting and cable installation, demolition of sludge drying beds and installation of tertiary treatment
  • Earls Colne/Halstead/Gosfield STW packages(£1.2Million) - Various refurbishments and improvements including installation of actuated valves, duct work and electrical cabling, telemetry, pumping station installation, new inlet works and screening

Some projects completed during employment at Anglian Water (prior to 2000):-

  • Sewer renovation contract - Major capital project to repair and renovate various sewer pipelines in the area of Norwich, Gt Yarmouth and Fakenham.  All types of pipeline repairs carried out to pipelines with poor structural condition such as pipe-bursting, sewer relining, and traditional open cut
  • Lowestoft WWTW (£4.5M) - Construction of the interconnecting pipelines (2x300mm, 600mm, 700mm) between Corton Dome WWTW and Ness Point PS including large bore directional drilling, open cut across fields, roads and beach, dealing with UXB and environmental restrictions. .  Part of the overall £70M project to build a new sewage treatment works, new pumping station and pipelines at Lowestoft as a result of the new urban waste water treatment directive (UWWTd) and Bathing water directive to improve sea water quality
  • Bunwell S.98 first time sewerage scheme (£1.2M) – Construction of First time vacuum sewerage system and vacuum pumping station and rising main which discharges to Forncett Sewage Treatment works.  Forncett sewage works was also extended to accommodate the additional flows
  • Wymondham Tiffey Vally (£1.8M) – The Construction of new pipelines, and pumping stations to alleviate flooding problems in the town.  Relief sewer and rising mains laid to the existing Wymondham STW.  Work included caisson construction and some tunnelling
  • Woodton First Time Sewerage scheme (£1.2M) – Installation of first time sewerage scheme and pumping stations.   .  The sewerage works was completed under a separate contract
  • Diss Walcot Green first time sewerage - Install first time sewer extending the Diss catchment to Walcot green, new pumping station was also constructed pumping flows into the main Diss catchment
  • Watton WTW GAC – Involved in the supervision of the construction and pipeline diversions to install a new Granulated activated carbon plant on a water borehole site.  Other works included the construction of building to house a new generator and control equipment
  • Poringland relief sewer – Manage construction of 2.5Km of sewer through private land as part of a flood relief scheme